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Scent fireworks


Fragrance Fireworks by Hermitage and Fyodor Sumkin.
Hermitage organized a wonderful event at Benedict restaurant, the special guest of which was Fyodor Sumkin, Puig Perfume Expert Training Manager, who introduced the brands Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne, Antonio Banderas. He told about the fascinating world of notes on the way to the bottle of scents.

Paco Rabanne's golden dress, Jean-Paul Gaultier's new muse Fyodor Sumkin spoke about the most symbolic during the event.
Benedict also created c...


NEW from Parfums de Marly


Hermitage organized the presentation of Delina La Rosée fragrance.
Full of light, feminine, fresh and watery. These words can describe the new edition of the already well-known Delina fragrance of the Parfums de Marly brand - Delina La Rosee. The bouquet of Bulgarian rose և transparent flowers opens on the skin with the delicate scent of a pear, smoothly passing to the chords of light-woody-white musk.
Ask at Hermitage stores.


2 New Creations from Ex Nihilo


Honoré Delights and Exalt: 2 new creations from Ex Nihilo

The Presentation of new creations from Ex Nihilo was held on March 31. Inspired by both the creative Avant-Garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, Ex Nihilo fragrance house aims to express its own conception of personalized luxury.

The guests were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the brand new fragrance Honoré Delights from the Ex Nihilo’s collection called Les Interdites, as well as body and hair fragrant sprays Exalt from the col...


A little Paris in Yerevan


Hermitage organised a beautiful event, in one of their stores, dedicated to Masion Francis Kurkdjian À la rose and L’Homme À la rose scents. Our guests had an honor to have a Master Class with Masion Francis Kurkdjian himself and Aurore, the brand’s event and international education manager.

L’Homme À la rose is Francis Kurkdjian’s latest creation and personal interpretation of a rose for men. His main ambition is to prove that men can wear rose and I think he succeeded.

Thanks Francis Kurkdjian for the Master Class


The Presentation of PAESE, a Polish cosmetic brand


PAESE Polish cosmetic brand has had its firm position in the international market of cosmetic industry for over 10 years. PAESE offers cosmetic and skincare products with natural components.

Now Polish PAESE cosmetic brand is represented in Armenia. The presentation was held on November 21 at the newly opened HERMITAGE boutique in Komitas Avenue. The guest of honour of the event was Silvia Shifman, the representative of PAESE brand and a Polish make-up artist. During a closed-door event she represented the brand history and its pecu...


ATLAS FEVER. Rock the Kasbah


ATLAS FEVER. Rock the Kasbah is a sensual and unforgettable fragrance from EX NIHILO’s collection Babylone. Shyamala Maisondieu is the creator of ATLAS FEVER. A truly international perfumer, Shyamala Maisondieu was born in Malaysia and educated in London, before discovering a talent for fragrance while living in Hong Kong.

ATLAS FEVER embodies the fusion of ancestral perfumery know-how with the rebellious attitude of Rock’n’Roll. Cedarwood, twisted with Pink Pepper, recalls the scent of the most precious woods as much as the greates...




Close your eyes, let the music melt into your mind.. Can you feel how Vanilla Vibes is transporting you across the immensity of the desert? JULIETTE HAS A GUN VANILLA VIBES was inspired by the aesthetic demonstrated by the famous Burning Man festival. The new fragrance is a combination of sweet Vanilla, Sea Salt, Orchid and Benzoin which creates sudden and controversial feelings.

The guest of honour of the closed-door event was Antiana Ricci, Nina Ricci’s great-granddaughter, who visited Armenia to present the new fragrance. Our gue...


ROJA Parfums’ Master-class


The concept for Roja Parfums is simple; it is Roja’s fundamental belief that there is a perfect perfume for everyone, and the collection is a balanced palette of scents that allows a client to find the perfect scent for them.

There was a reception for Roja Parfum’s new creation ELIXIR in cosy atmosphere on 18th May.

Andrew Rite, the Global Ambassador of Roja Parfums visited Armenia to kindly represent the new fragrance to our dear customers and bloggers.

ELIXIR is a sweet, fruity and warm eastern fragrance with note...


"Love is life’s narcotic…"


"Love is life’s narcotic—its folly and its freshness. It is something we return to, in spite of ourselves, like any proper addiction…" says Kilian Hennessy.

Kilian and Hermitage organized an event dedicated to Mother’s and Beauty Day. The atmosphere was cosy and the new creations “Love don't be shy Eau Fraiche”, “Good Girl Gone Bad Extreme” and scented lipsticks “Le Rouge Parfum” were introduced to our dear customers. All the guests received surprises prepared by Kilian and Hermitage.